The City of St. Croix Falls and 210 Civic, LLC Win Top Redevelopment Project Award

The City of St. Croix Falls and 210 Civic, LLC Win Top Redevelopment Project Award Main Photo

28 May 2024

The City of St. Croix Falls and 210 Civic, LLC, were the recipients of the 2023 Top Redevelopment Project Award by Momentum West for revitalizing the old Civic Auditorium and transforming it into the St. Croix Falls Historic Auditorium. This remarkable revitalization effort has transformed the aging Civic Auditorium into a vibrant cultural hub, breathing new life into a 108-year-old landmark.

"The redevelopment of the old Civic Auditorium into the St. Croix Falls Historic Auditorium represents a monumental achievement for the community," said Steve Jahn, Executive Director of Momentum West. “This nearly 10-year project has preserved the auditorium's historic façade and essence while modernizing its amenities. The Auditorium will catalyze economic and cultural growth in the region."

"Our LLC was formed to renovate this blighted historic building in St. Croix Falls," said Jeff Virchow, President of 210 Civic, LLC. "As in many other small communities, our downtown business corridor has suffered from lack of development and growth. Thanks to the generous support for this redevelopment, our hope is this project will spur the revitalization of our downtown corridor."

The newly renovated Historic Auditorium is set to become a cultural and economic beacon for the region. The second floor will feature a state-of-the-art performing arts space, hosting live theater, music performances, and community events. Looking ahead, in a strategic move to further boost economic development, Virchow has unveiled plans to open a full-service restaurant on the first floor in the fall of 2024, creating new job opportunities and attracting more visitors to the area.

This redevelopment project was made possible by the support of various sources and stakeholders. Primary funders include the City of St. Croix Falls with Tax Increment Development and philanthropic funds (Polk Burnett Electric Cooperative, Albert Victor Revenholt Fund, Hugh J. Andersen Foundation. Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation, Hardenbergh Foundation, Hallberg Family Foundation, Herbert H. Kohl Foundation, and the many individual donors), Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) grant funds, and Historic Tax Credits funds.

"The City sees this project as a promising sign for the redevelopment of St. Croix Falls' downtown," said Joel West, City Administrator of St. Croix Falls. “We are already witnessing that in action with other small businesses renovating their buildings in the downtown and other interested entrepreneurs developing plans to be part of the redevelopment."

Initially established in 1916, the newly renovated Historic Auditorium has been given a second chance. This space will be a cornerstone for the community for generations to come.

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