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Breweries, Distilleries & Wineries

West Central Wisconsin is home to dozens of local wineries, distilleries, and breweries creating craft beer and innovative eats in hip, relaxed atmospheres. Hang out, grab a drink, listen to live music, and get to know your fellow Wisconsinites at these top West Central Wisconsin breweries, distilleries and wineries:


working out


Whether you’re looking for a small neighborhood gym or an upscale fitness facility, West Central Wisconsin offers a range of options for getting in a good workout. Check out these top gyms and fitness centers in the area:

Date Night

Looking to plan a romantic evening out? West Central Wisconsin is filled with dimly lit restaurants, cozy movie theaters, and neighborhood lounges for those special date nights:

fish fry

girls night

Girl’s Night Out

If you enjoy a fun night out with the girls, the bars and nightclubs of West Central Wisconsin are waiting for you to discover them! Enjoy music and dancing, energetic atmospheres, and cocktails at these top bars and nightclubs for a ladies night out:

Live Music

live music

mabel tainter theater

Arts & Culture

If learning about art and history or seeing a live performance at a theater sounds like the perfect way to spend a day, check out these museums, galleries, and theaters in West Central Wisconsin:

Nature and Outdoor Activities

For the outdoorsy types, Wisconsin is a beautiful state filled with some of the best hiking and biking trails, lakes, and nature preserves. Check out these West Central Wisconsin spots to get back in touch with nature:

on the lake



West Central Wisconsin has no shortage of nonprofits and philanthropic causes you can volunteer with. The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire has compiled a detailed list of volunteer opportunities. You can also consider this shorter list of volunteer opportunities in the area:

Career Development Opportunities

Whether you’re an entry-level professional looking for opportunities for growth or a senior-level manager, West Central Wisconsin is filled with career opportunities. Networking and partnering with career development organizations can also help you to advance your career. Wisconsin is home to several professional networking groups, including:

uw-stout campus



West Central Wisconsin offers a variety of housing options, from downtown lofts to single family homes in the suburbs. Consider the following housing options in the area:

Sporting Teams

Looking for an opportunity to build relationships in the community? Sporting teams are a great way to get a bit of exercise in while making friends with your fellow community members! Check out these West Central Wisconsin recreational sporting leagues and centers: