Regional Universities

University of Wisconsin-Barron County

UW-Barron County in Rice Lake has state-of-the-art teaching, research, and student activity spaces. It is an exciting learning environment in a small community where big things happen.

UW-Barron County is one of 13 freshman/sophomore campuses of the University of Wisconsin Colleges awarding the Associate of Arts and Science degree. UW-Barron's Biological Science courses include Biochemistry, Biotechnology, and Microbiology.

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

UW-Eau Claire provides students with small classes that offer cutting-edge programs, hands-on research and life-enhancing study abroad opportunities.

UW-Eau Claire's Materials Science Center supports research, facilitates collaboration among science faculty across disciplines, promotes interactions between the university and local industries, and encourages undergraduate students to do research. The Materials Science Center uses a variety of instrumentation in the fields of materials characterization, microscopy and elemental analysis.

University of Wisconsin-Stout

University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie is a comprehensive, career-focused polytechnic university that offers students a major teaching certification in technology education and a major or minor certification in biology, chemistry, or physics.

The Discovery Center advances UW-Stout's polytechnic focus of applied research by expanding the university's commitment to quality and innovation, transformative education and interdisciplinary collaboration.

By encompassing all of UW-Stout's applied research efforts, the center's primary mission is to facilitate:

  • advancements in student research, preparing students in their areas of interest
  • connections of faculty expertise with industry and other researchers to solve challenges and innovate further
  • innovation-based solutions for business and industry to support their successes
  • advancements in economic development and new business start-ups in Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

At UW-River Falls the Tissue and Cellular Innovation Center is an innovative partnership that links bio-tech research with real world applications. The mission of the center is to develop a nationally recognized and self-supporting Center of Excellence for research and training in tissue engineering, stem cell biology and biomedical technology at UW-River Falls.

The Educational Technology Center is more than just a computer lab. It contains a variety of teaching resources, hardware and software, video recording and editing equipment, as well as production supplies and machines used in the creation of teaching materials.