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Real estate prices have gone through the roof and permitting delays are costing developers and businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars. But, NOT in West Central Wisconsin. Our shovel-ready sites are ready for development, we have an expedited permitting process and we’re less than an hour from the Twin Cities. If you are looking to mitigate risk by developing a project quickly and affordably - contact us today!

West Central Wisconsin’s Business Advantages

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Golden Shovel Ready sites in West Central Wisconsin are ideal for businesses looking for access to the interstate and wanting to be near major midwest cities like Minneapolis, St. Paul, Milwaukee, Chicago, Des Moines, Indianapolis, Omaha, Kansas City and St. Louis. Though all industries succeed here, we find that our shovel-ready manufacturing sites, distribution center sites, food and beverage companies, plastics and medical device manufacturing, technology and data center sites are particularly attractive for companies looking for an affordable and central location.

“West Central Wisconsin has the talent we need to grow this business at the pace we want.”

Ed Paradowski, VES Environmental

“You will not find more engaged employees who show up on time and work hard

Dick Leinenkugel, Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company

“We have access to students and can reach them early to bring them in as an intern and develop them.”

Kelly Ingli, OEM Fabricators


“This area is bringing people from Illinois, Missouri and Michigan. There’s something that is drawing people to Western Wisconsin Were excited to be part of it and capture that talent pool.”

Todd Gilbert, Valley Companies

“Connectivity has never been a problem. Our cloud data is hosted right here in the Chippewa Valley.” 

Jim Ward, Applied Data Consultants

“We are very fortunate to be so close to a major highway system. A big thing for us is the closeness to the MSP airport. We bring customers from all over the world. To be able to get to our location in 40 minutes is a major advantage.”

Chetan Paten, SMC Ltd.

Site selectors and business owners looking for shovel-ready sites that can be developed quickly with an expedited permitting process should contact us for assistance. Working together, we can get projects off the ground and completed quickly in West Central Wisconsin.