Test Your Internet Speed

The tool will show you your current internet speed while collecting necessary data for the Momentum West Region to pursue better broadband infrastructure in the areas identified as underserved. Please complete the brief speed tests both at home and at work. Thank you for your help in improving our Region’s internet speeds.

A variety of factors at the user’s location not related to the ISP’s level or quality of service can influence broadband test results, including the age and capabilities of the software and hardware as well as the quality of physical connections of wires/cables, signal interference, and the number users online at the same time at the location.  And it is important to keep in mind that some users will not purchase the highest level of service available.  There will be outliers in the data or data “noise” (e.g., really high or really low results) that may not be accurate or represent the normal, consistent, or available service levels due to unusual circumstances, user error, hardware glitches, etc.