Understanding the STEM Skills Gap

June 29, 2017

Category: Regional Talent Initiative

Through a grant from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, the Northwestern Wisconsin Collaborative for STEM has reviewed the overall college and/or career readiness of high school students in 51 school districts within the ten-county region of Momentum West during the 2014-15 school year.

This map series exhibits area-specific aggregated district information including:

  • Enacted and available curriculum that encompasses the scientific practices, knowledge, and skills students must acquire to become successful adults. (The opportunity to for students to learn.)
  • Student assessments that illustrate how well students are learning and have learned the enacted curriculum.
  • Demographic data for analysis which may indicate negative or positive trends based on poverty, disabilities, English proficiency, etc.

To begin, click on a district (or click the link above to go to the orginal site) to view its demographics data.