August 26, 2015

Category: Business Resources, Cooperative Education Services Agencies

Cooperative Educational Service Agencies (CESAs) were created by the state legislature in the mid 1960’s primarily as a response to new special education law. CESA’s mission is contained in this legislation: Wisconsin State Statute 116.01 The organization of school districts in Wisconsin is such that the legislature recognized the need for a service unit between the school district and the state superintendent. The cooperative educational service agencies are designed to serve educational needs in all areas of Wisconsin by serving as a link both between school districts and between school districts and the state. Cooperative educational service agencies may provide leadership and coordination of services for school districts, including such programs as curriculum development assistance, school district management development, coordination of vocational education and exceptional education, research, special student classes, human growth and development, data collection, processing and dissemination and in-service programs. CESA 10 is governed by an eleven member Board of Control representing 29 districts in our region. Board members are elected at the annual convention following a procedure described in Wisconsin State Statute 116.02. The Board of Control and Agency Administrator are advised by a Professional Advisory Committee (PAC) composed of the superintendents from each of the 29 districts. This group meets monthly to discuss issues and concerns that are of vital interest to school districts. CESA 10 services are divided into five departments: Operations, Educational Technology, Facilities Management, Instructional Services, and Special Education. The services of each of these departments are detailed in this report. The CESA 10 staff appreciates the strong partnerships we have forged with our member districts over the years. We pledge to continue our efforts helping school districts build exemplary educational programs for all youth throughout our region of the state.