Anderson celebrates 60 years of business

14 Jun 2024

Polk County, Polk, News

Slumberland has been a mainstay in the Amery community for years and owner Ron Anderson is celebrating 60 years in business. Ron Anderson and his wife came to the Amery community back in 1964 and have been here since. Starting off on Main Street after taking over Stenberg Furniture, the business has grown immensely, with a regional reach.

 “Amery is a very special small little town. It's got lakes and it's got rivers, and it's got a wonderful school system. Unbelievable school system and good teachers and a good sports program. It's got the golf courses. It's got, I mean, what doesn't it have? You're close to Indian Head, you're close to good restaurants," said Ron Anderson, owner of Slumberland, “and we raised all four kids here and all four kids did well here.”

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