B&L Transload and Warehousing LLC Wins Top Redevelopment Project of the Year Award

B&L Transload and Warehousing LLC Wins Top Redevelopment Project of the Year Award Main Photo

2 Oct 2023


B&L Transload and Warehousing LLC won the Momentum West’s Top Redevelopment Project of the Year Award in 2022 for the conversion of two former sand processing dry plants to transload facilities, where trains can now drop off full cars to be emptied and have the materials sent to clients in the Chippewa Valley more efficiently and at a lower price.

“B&L Transload and Warehousing LLC saw an opportunity to transform the vacant Superior Silica and Chippewa Sands facilities into transload facilities and took it,” Steve Jahn, Executive Director of Momentum West. “Repurposing buildings and converting them to help be more efficient and provide a higher quality of service are the ways of thinking driving business growth in Wisconsin. Scott Beers and his team at B&L Transload and Warehousing LLC are demonstrating the benefits of redeveloping properties that can positively impact their company and community.”

“The redevelopment of these properties has allowed us to serve multiple clients by rail,” said Scott Beers, Owner of B&L Transload and Warehousing. “These improvements are allowing companies to move raw materials into Wisconsin, providing them access and the ability to compete in larger markets more efficiently in the manufacturing industry.”

B&L Transload and Warehousing LLC Seize the Opportunity to Transform Former Frac Sand Sites Into a New Headquarter Location

When the frac sand industry closed in New Auburn, Wisconsin, it left a $30 million industrial site vacant with no real path forward about using the space. Seeing the potential opportunity for his business and the clients the company serves, Scott Beers and business partner Paul Lofthus saw the potential for this vacant site. Rejuvenating the idle frac sand plant and turning it into a warehousing and transload facility, B&L Transloading and Warehousing has boosted New Auburn, Wisconsin’s local economic and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“Our motivation for B&L is to help bring back industry to increase jobs and economic value to an area in which we were raised,” noted Lofthus. “We saw the boom of the sand industry arise and disappear. One of our goals is to create long-lasting economic growth for our area and surrounding industrial sites that sustain growth in our community.”

The two former sand frac properties, now transload facilities, offer 140 acres of space, 35,000 feet of rail, interstate access, served on the rail by Progressive Rail’s professional team, inside and outside warehouse storage, and transload availability. With the redevelopment of these facilities, B&L Transload and Warehousing customers can tap into savings because the logistic operation allows for raw materials to be received by rail and distributed by trucks, eliminating significant costs associated with manufacturing.

“We want people to know that there is another company in the Midwest area that is invested in the community and desires to create long-lasting relationships with customers, employees, and our community,” expressed Beers. “Specifically, being in the Momentum West region has benefitted us the most by being surrounded by the reliable and loyal Midwest work ethics and the integrity in its surrounding population. We look forward to expanding and finding new ways to benefit the community.”

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