Bill Lobner, Founder of Green Fleet, LLC Wins Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Bill Lobner, Founder of Green Fleet, LLC Wins Entrepreneur of the Year Award Main Photo

18 Jun 2024

Bill Lobner, founder of Green Fleet, LLC, was awarded the 2023 Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Momentum West for his outstanding contribution to the business community in West Central Wisconsin.

"Bill Lobner and Green Fleet are providing a classic service in a new and modern way," said Steve Jahn, Executive Director of Momentum West. "With his recent expansion, the business now offers private cars and luxury shuttle services, within a 300-mile radius of Eau Claire. With vehicle electrification increasing in popularity, Bill is helping make positive changes in West Central Wisconsin."

"My inspiration for Green Fleet came while working on my graduate school thesis at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay," said Bill Lobner, Owner of Green Fleet, LLC. "Transportation is the number one source of emissions in the US, and EVs are the most viable way to reduce them. With the auto industry moving toward electrification, I want to showcase their capabilities and potential. By choosing Green Fleet, our customers are making a positive impact in their community and getting an inside look at what a sustainable future will look like."

Green Fleet is not just another vehicle fleet. It's an all-electric, all-Tesla SUV fleet revolutionizing long-distance transportation, particularly airport transportation. They offer two primary services designed to cater to your needs. Its Black Car/Private Service operates within a 300-mile radius of Eau Claire, from Fargo to Chicago, providing a luxurious and convenient travel experience. The affordable and door to door Luxury Shuttle service connects potential passengers within a 100-mile radius of Eau Claire and the Minneapolis-Saint Paul (MSP) International Airport, offering a cost-effective and hassle-free travel option.

"Our business is based on the fact that people prefer convenience when traveling, especially business professionals," said Lobner. "No one likes paying for gas, finding parking at the airport, or being unable to work/relax/sleep when traveling. We have the most affordable door-to-door service on the market. And, when you use our services, you are contributing to a future of decarbonization."

Started in 2020, Green Fleet put the pedal to the metal in 2023 with a loan from WESTconsin and the Regional Business Fund for the addition of eight new Tesla Model Y SUVs and about 90 kW of total EV charging capacity at its facility in Eau Claire. With increased visibility, Lobner has made great strides in connecting with various Chambers of Commerce to find potential business partners looking to reduce their carbon footprint while giving their employees a safe, reliable, and convenient way to travel.

"Looking ahead, I want to show the Chippewa Valley, the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota, and the country that EVs are the way forward in the transportation industry. Starting with one route from EC to MSP, we now offer over 50 routes and are looking to expand to connect all major cities in Wisconsin and Minnesota to MSP."

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