Tattersall Distilling Company Wins the 2021 Redevelopment Award

Tattersall Distilling Company Wins the 2021 Redevelopment Award Main Photo

4 May 2022


Tattersall Distilling Company won Momentum West’s 2021 Redevelopment Award for their expansion project in River Falls. “We are proud to present the 2021 Redevelopment Award to Tattersall Distilling Company. Their remarkable and visionary redevelopment of the River Falls ShopKo store is something to behold. They have transformed it into a multi-use facility that meets their needs, and the needs of the community,” said Steve Jahn, Executive Director of Momentum West. 

Tattersall Distilling Company acquired and converted an old ShopKo store. “This is a 75,000 square-foot facility that we gutted and converted into our main production distillery, a 150-seat restaurant and events center featuring a 400+ person wedding venue, 900+ person amphitheater, multiple private rooms and spaces, and an outdoor patio that can hold over 200,” said Jon Kreidler, Co-Founder and Chief Officer of Tattersall Distilling. “We try to provide exceptional experiences for our consumers.  Whether that be when they visit our facility for a meal and cocktails or if they are taking our spirits home with them and creating drinks at home.  We try to make craft cocktails more accessible and elevated and our River Falls location is an important part of that process,” he added. 

When reflecting on their experience opening a destination distillery in West Central Wisconsin, Jon Kreidler said, “The support we have experienced has been truly incredible. Both from the city and the community.  Wisconsin's laws allowed us to continue to expand our business and invest in future growth.   This was not possible in Minnesota, and thus the reason we expanded in Wisconsin.’

About Tattersall Distilling Company

Tattersall Distilling CompanyThey are a craft distillery with two locations - the original in Minneapolis was opened in 2015 and the destination distillery in River Falls was opened in 2021.  They are focused on sustainability and crafting all-natural products.  “We believe our new facility is one of the greenest facilities in the country, highlighted by the largest solar array on any distillery in the country, a proprietary water-reclamation system and numerous other green initiatives,” said Kreidler.

They are one of the most highly acclaimed and awarded craft distilleries in the country and their new facility in River Falls is one of the greenest distilleries in the country.  “We really hope that people come out and experience what we have built for themselves - reserve a table, take a tour, try our food and cocktails and hopefully take home a bottle or pick one up and your local grocery store,” said Kreidler.