Rio Loco Cantina opening in downtown Hudson

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

An old downtown building has new life since Rio Loco Cantina opened Monday, March 12 at 417 Second St.

The former Ellie's location has a new look thanks to the work of new owners Mike Tupa and Tom Tomaro. The Mexican restaurant has a 75-foot bar, a wealth of seating, a garage door window and an outdoor patio that's also heated.

"You've got a nice view of the river, a nice view of Main Street," Tomaro said. "Those are both big pluses."

Creating the new space took some time, more than 2 years from purchase to opening for Tupa and Tomaro.

"A year of solid, full-time remodels," Tomaro said.

The two were introduced to the former owner through friends, and were able to strike a deal from there. Tupa said they had been waiting for the right facility, and finally found it here.

As Stillwater residents, Tupa said Hudson is close to home, and somewhere the two business partners have always enjoyed spending time.

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