New lumberyard to open in Ellsworth

Thursday, May 03, 2018

A local Ellsworth man looks to serve the community with his new business.

Blake Brenner of Ellsworth said he planned to open Brenner Lumber the week of March 12, located just outside of Ellsworth (W6345 Highway 10) where his dad, Barry Brenner, had Brenner Builders.

Brenner gained experience in construction as he worked at the family business building custom homes. He also went to Chippewa Valley Technical College for wood technics and was in the carpenter's union for eight years.

Brenner admitted he had thought he would one day have his own business since his family has experience with entrepreneurship.

"It was always in the back of my mind," Brenner said about starting his own business. "I never imagined starting a lumber yard, but timing was right for the community."

The plan to start the lumber yard, Brenner said, partly came from his dad.

"The idea was inspired by him [dad] as well," Brenner said. "He was tired of traveling just to get lumber."

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