Buildings planned for Eau Claire's north side area

Thursday, November 08, 2018

One is expected to employ at least 50

Two new buildings are planned for a business park on Eau Claire’s north side, and they are expected to bring dozens of jobs.

Plans for both of the warehouses bound for the Gateway Northwest Business Park will be up for a vote during a Plan Commission meeting.

While one of the buildings would be almost entirely storage space and be staffed by a handful of workers, the other has offices included in it and would have 50 to 75 people working there, according to documents submitted to the city.

Most of the latter building’s 120,000 square feet would be warehouse space, but plans also show several offices, a conference room and a photo studio.

Aside from the name ECON on the plans, details on exactly what business would be occupying that building slated for a 9-acre lot on Venture Drive were not available.

Meanwhile, the other warehouse building is planned for 10 acres on Prospect Drive owned by local businessman Curt Tambornino, co-owner of Dynamic Fitness & Strength. A floor plan submitted to the city shows the 102,400-square-foot building will be a storage warehouse and is expected to have about five workers.

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