Milk on hold as Crystal Ball Farms readies for rebuild

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Although milk from Crystal Ball Farms is off grocery store shelves for now, if barn construction goes as planned the dairy will reopen by mid September. 

The farm’s cow barn burned to the ground March 29. Two cows died in the fire. Fifteen others died of smoke inhalation in the days that followed. Creamery manager Jessi Fouks believes the worst is over.

“The rest of the herd is currently looking good and not showing any signs of problems,” she wrote on Facebook in late April. “So fingers crossed, we are now hopefully on a positive trend with rebuild starting soon and maintaining the balance of the herd.”

The farm is awaiting permits to install a manure pit and alter the property line in anticipation of a new barn.

“We’re hoping that will come together this week,” she told the Sun. “J&S [General Contracting] is taking out the old pits and will start excavating for the new pit to go in. Weiser Concrete will install the new pit, then it will be turned over to the builder. The late spring means the road bans are still up, so the builders are chomping at the bit to do our site and they’re hoping for a speedy rebuild.”

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