Familiar faces take over Urban Olive and Vine

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Those who have stopped into Urban Olive and Vine over the last few months may not have noticed a difference at the restaurant, and new owners Carol and Chad Trainor are fine with that.

"Nobody will be shocked when they come in," Carol said.

Carol and Chad took over in January after working there as server and chef, respectively, for many years.

"We figured we were here all the time anyway so might as well buy it," Carol said.

The two previously owned another restaurant before it burned down, and had talked about owning another one again after their kids were grown.

"We wanted a restaurant, we didn't necessarily know it would be this one," Chad said.

"The timing was just kind of right," Carol said.

With Chad used to working the kitchen, and Carol taking care of the front of the house, the two have the process well under control.

"She does what she knows and I do what I know and we meet in the middle on the things we don't know," Chad said.

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