Manpower Hiring Forecast Carries Good News For Wisconsin

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Wisconsin is tied for first among states in a national hiring forecast from the Milwaukee-based temporary services firm ManpowerGroup.

ManpowerGroup says 32 percent of Wisconsin employers surveyed plan to add workers this spring. Only 2 percent expect layoffs. ManpowerGroup calls that a 30 percent "net employment outlook," tying Wisconsin for first with New Hampshire.

ManpowerGroup Wisconsin Regional Director Amber Laurent says reaching 30 is rare.

"You don't have to be in the staffing industry to know that employers all over have job hiring signs," Laurent said. "You know, employers obviously have positions to fill, and we know they're struggling to find the people with the right skills to help fill those positions."

Laurent said the net employment outlook for Wisconsin is about 10 points higher than the company forecasts for the nation. Nationally, ManpowerGroup states 23 percent of employers expect to add workers during the next three months, while 3 percent expect job reductions.

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