Talent Attraction Effort

Monday, November 12, 2018

Reflecting back on the Regional Talent Initiative, it is fair to say that it has been a success already.  Our primary goal was to raise the awareness of our current and pending talent challenges, align our partners and our efforts in the region in a uniform direction, and launch initiatives that address these challenges.  Although we may not have been able to tackle some of the suggested initiatives to date due to capacity issues, we have made progress.  Illustrated with the success to date of Inspire Connections program evident in  the number of active businesses (341) and several hundred career coaches in waiting, the just launched UWIN internship collaborative, the quality of life digital and social media marketing efforts both via a collaborative effort with WEDC that grew from our pilot program with Global Finishing Solutions and programs specific the Momentum West leveraged by our partner EDC’s and chambers on the Momentum West website, the community curriculum program in the Chippewa Falls school district, and other efforts still in the works, solidify that we are making headway.  Efforts such as the talent sharing program, candidate referral idea, continued work with a higher education institution on a video production idea to be used for recruiting by business and industry in the region, and other ideas will continue to move forward.

The committee will be reconvening to discuss our direction moving forward and identify our priorities and possible projects that we can drive.  Talent remains a top priority, and it’s time the committee and Momentum West efforts continue to be shaped and aligned with our capacity and the region’s needs.

Thank you for your work in this area!

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