Woman pursues her passion with therapy dogs

Monday, July 16, 2018

Dogs are considered by many to be "man's best friend" but what does being a best friend mean? What can a dog do for a person? One Prescott woman is using her dogs to provide therapy services to people in the area and bring smiles to those faces.

Jenny Langness, owner of Ugly Dog Therapy, said the name Ugly Dog Therapy originates from her first dog, Jager.

"Our very first dog is a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon," Langness said. "We first got [him] for hunting purposes, [breed is] considered an ugly dog."

After she got Jager, Langness adopted an Italian Greyhound named Carlos. She took him to obedience classes where the instructor suggested she enroll Carlos in their first therapy class. Langness wanted to keep Carlos busy so she enrolled him, which led to she and Carlos becoming a therapy team.

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