Work Eau Claire Reaches Employer Target!

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Work Eau Claire is pleased to announce that, with the support of Radial Company in Eau Claire, the project has successfully reached the required minimum number of employers to be considered for official certification status from the ACT organization.  Radial became the 68th company to officially designate their support to Work Eau Claire.  With over 70 employers in the local area now supporting the project, it has become a key tool to for employers to address workforce shortages, encourage employee retention, and lower overall cost.

Additional metrics are required in order to reach official certification including measuring the numbers of both “transitional” and “current” employees seeking the WorkKeys assessment.  This is expected to take place during the current academic year.

In addition to traditional WorkKeys assessments taking place with high school students, new initiatives continue to grow this important workforce tool.  They include:

  • Students who score at a minimum required level for all three topics assessed are eligible to receive credit for math or Industrial Skills credits at CVTC.
  • Culinary and Foundations of Education program students will complete the WorkKeys assessment as part of their career preparedness at CVTC.
  • Persons seeking GED completion will receive the WorkKeys assessment in order to deepen their skill awareness for potential employers.


Future plans for the Work Eau Claire project include continued communication on how to implement this process in order to best match employee skills to the right position.  Studies have shown the process to reap large benefits in terms of retention, lowered training costs, and helping to reduce workforce shortages. 

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