Nearly all west central Wisconsin middle and high schools now have access to the Inspire Connections features. This will be helpful to you as a student as you create your individualized learning plan in your Career Cruising account assigned at your school. Features include:

  • Employer profiles that describe local companies that hire people for the careers you are interested in
  • Online career coaches who will answer your career-related questions
  • Experiential Learning Activities (ELAs) – find and request local ELAs offered by local employers and community organizations. ELAs like job-shadowing and internships are an important step to take in understanding where you’d like to go in your career – and what steps you need to take with your education

Have you ever wondered:

  • What is it like working at a particular job?
  • What do I need to do to get into a career I like?
  • What classes do I need to take?

Have you ever wanted to:

  • Learn more about a career?
  • Get help/guidance in finding a career that you’re interested in?
  • Find a summer job with an employer that you’d like to work for?
  • Start planning for your future?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions or want to get help in your career planning, then Inspire Connections can help: