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Joseph Gebert is Growing His Career as a Bank Manager in Ladysmith Photo

Joseph Gebert is Growing His Career as a Bank Manager in Ladysmith

Joseph Gebert is the Branch Manager for the Wells Fargo in Ladysmith. As a young professional, he chose to grow his career in Ladysmith because he enjoys the area and appreciates the opportunity he has to be a resource for community members seeking information, help and support with their financial needs. As the Branch manager, he manages all functions of the bank branch, serving his customers total financial service needs. Simultaneously, he creates, trains, and coaches a successful team of tellers, bankers, service and operational support members while developing and administering budgets, business development, performance objectives, staffing models, schedules and performance standards. We wanted to know what inspired him to enter a career in banking and what he enjoys about working in the Momentum West region.

What inspired you to start your career at Wells Fargo?

Before I started to work for Wells Fargo I was working at Menards.  One day I had walked into one of the Wells Fargo’s in Eau Claire, WI and I was treated extremely well.  They had a teller at that time that was transitioning from his role as a teller into a banker and he took the time to get to know me and ask questions.  His manager saw what was happening and asked me what my college degree was in and where I saw myself in a few years. He then explained that he had some openings and was looking for some help with the possibility of growth.  The team at Wells Fargo asked about me as a person, and that is what inspired my career. Now, as a manager, I have the same opportunity to help other young professionals launch their career.

Why did you choose to do so in this community?

Prior to coming to the Ladysmith area, I had been the Branch Manager of the Phillips location as my first management experience.  After three years, I was looking to expand and get to a slightly bigger community. When the Ladysmith opportunity opened up I had heard such great things about the staff that I knew it was a step in the right direction

How has being located here benefited your book of business?

I have grown to be a face in the community. People know that they can ask me questions and I enjoy being a resource for them.

What are your future goals?

My goal is to continue to help the community grow and stay in the Ladysmith area for the long term.  I am part of Today’s Professionals and also work with the schools in the community to help enlighten our younger generation about financial matters. I also want them to know that it’s ok to come back to the community they call home.  We believe that Ladysmith should not just be a pit stop on the corner of HWY 27 and HWY 8, but a destination to stop and actually plan for.  The way to do that is to help bring back some of the bright minds that are leaving to go to school.

Why do you enjoy living here?

I enjoy living in the Ladysmith area because within the first month of being here, I had other business owners and managers look at me and not judge me for where I work but got to know me as a person.  The community took me in and I feel that I now have a second family, not by blood, but a family through true friendships and caring. I also have a great love for the outdoors and Rusk County presents a vast amount of opportunities to partake in.  Be it by jumping in a tube to go down the river, casting a line into the many lakes and rivers, or being in the woods of the area, there is always something to do if you take the time to look.

Thank you to the community

I want to see the community succeed and blossom into something bigger.  The little bit that we may grow each year opens up additional opportunities for the community to grow stronger.  On behalf of the more than 1,900 Wells Fargo team members who call Wisconsin home, I’d like to thank you for bearing with us and supporting us on our transformational journey. There’s an incredible amount of change going on at Wells Fargo these days. Wells Fargo is in the process of re-establishing itself. Fixing what went wrong, making things right, and holding ourselves accountable. Amidst all this change, one thing has not changed and that is the commitment of our company, and our team members, to helping build and strengthen our communities.


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