Plum City helps students advance early on

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Providing the next generation of students with a solid educational foundation is what the Plum City Head Start Program is trying to do for students.

The Plum City Head Start program started in the 2017-18 school year and Plum City 4K-12th grade principal Mike Kennedy said Plum City's Head Start program is unique. While in most schools, Kennedy said the Head Start Program is a separate class for children who qualify, Plum City has integrated the program into its 4-year-old kindergarten classes. Students that qualify for the Head Start Program go to Head Start two days per week and 4K the other three days of the week.

"By being involved in the Head Start program, I see the opportunity for students to benefit from a structured, positive environment, if those students do not have access to that on the days on which 4K is not held," said Plum City 4K teachers Zahida Leech and Kristen Elbe.

In Plum City there are two separate 4K classes. One that meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the other one that meets Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Kennedy said Head Start students go to one 4K class three days a week and the other 4K class two days a week as part of their Head Start program.

"We don't want to be any different between Head Start and 4K students," Kennedy said. "They are all Plum City students."

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