Three little videos can open the world to your business.

Monday, November 21, 2016

In late October, the International Trade Administration published a set of three short videos that give you an excellent introduction to how to begin exporting.

However, in Wisconsin we make it even easier by simplifying the whole process down to making just one easy decision.  The U.S. Department of Commerce recognized the Wisconsin Exportech program as the best in the country.  If fact, if you were giving such programs a school–style grade from A to F on a curve, you’d have to throw out the Wisconsin score or the next highest score would be a “D”.

On top of Wisconsin’s Exportech’s incredibly good quality and good value, you can enjoy very substantial grants that make the program cost less than free!  Through Exportech, all the questions and obstacles of exporting are teed-up and knocked down one-at-a-time which makes becoming international so much easier.  And going international is where the biggest growth opportunity for all of our industries exists.

If you want more information on Exportech, call your local economic development office, or Steve Jahn at 414 287-4118.  Or, if you want to hear about it from a peer business owner, we can put you in touch with an Exportech grad.

But, if you want a quick introduction to exporting right away, see these International Trade Administration short videos on YouTube.

Exporting Basics: The Export Process Overview

Published on Oct 18, 2016

This video outlines the important steps companies must take in order to begin exporting overseas. Learn how to become export-ready with this overview of the US export process by watching the video, and visit Export.Gov for more information about the US export process. (

Exporting Basics: Are You Export Ready?

Published on Oct 18, 2016

This video outlines the steps necessary for your US business to begin exporting. A successful US exporter must make necessary commitments of time and money, have realistic expectations about the timing of return on investment, and create a detailed export business plan. Get export ready by watching Export.Gov’s video to learn how to prepare your company to export. (

Exporting Basics: My Export Plan

Published on Oct 18, 2016

This video highlights the importance of a well thought out export plan and how it can make the difference between generating a few international sales and achieving real business growth. Components of an export plan include determining your potential markets, identifying your potential customers, pricing your product for sale abroad, financing your exports, and identifying the necessary resources. Watch the video to learn how to create an exporting business plan, and visit Export.Gov for more information about US exporting. (

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