Arrow Building Center buys Fullerton in Osceola

Thursday, November 17, 2016

As you may have read recently, the Fullerton Lumber Company no longer has a presence in Osceola. They have decided to focus on other aspects of their business including  “the design and manufacture … [of] ‘quick build’ facilities for major national franchisors and food retailers” according to their press release. The operations of the business that was previously Fullerton’s Osceola lumberyard was acquired by Consolidated Lumber Company, dba Arrow Building Center (ABC).

The Osceola yard, located on 35 north of town, still owned by Fullerton, is closed. However, ABC purchased all of the location’s “resources, inventory, and equipment” and hired the people that already worked at the location, and merged them into the ABC locations at Milltown, Amery, Hudson, and Stillwater, Minn., according to Ron Schumacher, Consolidated’s President and CEO. ABC plans to serve the Osceola area through its locations listed above with free delivery service.

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