The Chamber Alliance

Monday, May 30, 2016

Very few people are unwilling to accept a little help, but many would argue that there is a certain satisfaction with doing things on their own. Something about building from the ground up with a founder’s own sweat and tears is simply satisfying.

The Counties of the Momentum Region are no strangers to programs and events designed to build up economic development. Many are filled with County Wide Economic Development Agencies, as well as a slew of programs to help communities and businesses thrive.

Chippewa Valley, for instance, has held an event since 1994 that is dedicated to strengthening the area’s relationship with the state. It is beneficial in educating educate state legislators on the local issues; this event is known as the Chippewa Valley Rally.

The Rally is organized by the Chippewa Valley Chamber Alliance, an organization including over 2,500 businesses as members, with over 60,000 employees being represented by the Alliance. The goals of this event – and the organization – are much the same as Momentum West: inspire healthy work environments filled with innovation and excellence.

For more information on the Chippewa Valley Chamber Alliance, or the Chippewa Valley Rally, click here:

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