Website ranks Chippewa Falls No. 2 in the state as an attractive place for retirees

Friday, November 02, 2018

CHIPPEWA FALLS — Chippewa Falls is a great place to retire because of its numerous recreational and social opportunities for retirees, according to the website

The investment firm ranked Chippewa Falls No. 2 on its list of the top 10 cities in Wisconsin for seniors to retire. In 2016, the city was ranked No. 8 by

The city earned its ranking because it has 2.1 doctor offices per 1,000 people, 0.8 recreation centers per 1,000 people, 1 retirement center per 1,000 people, and 17.6 percent of the residents are senior citizens, the website states.

The website also factors in state and local taxes, particularly income and sales tax and how those numbers would impact a senior earning $35,000 annually between retirement savings, Social Security or part-time employment.

Chippewa Falls is higher than the state average in nearly all of those categories; the state average is 18.3 percent of the population are seniors.

Chippewa Falls Senior Center director Angie Walker isn’t surprised by the ranking. Walker sends out about 450 monthly newsletters to members, and on any given day there are between 75 and 100 people in the building enjoying lunch, bingo, card games and even weightlifting classes.

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