‘Rumor Has It’ opens in former Cascade

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Serving food and nonalcoholic beverages only, Rumor Has It opened in the former Cascade Bar & Grill. The business’s owner, Dana Schone, remains hopeful that the establishment will one day be permitted to serve alcohol. 

In mid April, the Osceola Village Board denied Schone a retail liquor license. Because she had already begun remodeling parts of the interior, Schone said Friday that she had no choice but to open without the license. 

The village board denied the license based on the findings of Osceola police chief Ron Pedrys, whose report was released to the public at the board’s April 16 meeting. In it, Pedrys noted that the background check for the retail license had been more thorough than a server’s license.

“I wanted to do much more than simply ensure any potential new establishment owner does not bring with them another criminal element,” he wrote in the report. “I also wanted to find out if there was any potential for discord with other businesses, the business’s future patrons, and residents and visitors to our community. For these reasons, OPD performed a more broad background, which included talking to people who know Ms. Schone, including residents where she lives, previous employers, customers and the Glenwood City Police Chief.”

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