Colfax farm to host Chippewa Valley Farm-City Day

12 Aug 2019


Wisconsin agriculture is still ranked as the No. 1 state industry and is using every measure to maintain its economic impact on the state. One resource that local farms are finding to be highly successful is development of agricultural attractions that invite local residents and tourists onto their land to experience the peaceful but energized farm environment. In Wisconsin, some of those activities include u-pick fruits and vegetables, community supported agriculture (CSA) pickup, corn mazes, hay rides, etc.

Agritourism – also called agritainment, agricultural tourism, agritourism or farm tourism – does not have a single definition. In essence, agritourism combines elements of the tourism industry with elements of the agritourism industry by bringing the public to farms.

Agritourism is recreation at its finest! Visitors might tour a vineyard to explore winemaking or discuss the process of transforming grapes into high-quality wines. Younger guests (as well as many adults) may discover that goats are not dogs with horns, donkeys are different from horses, milk does not originate in a plastic container in the grocery store and chocolate milk does not come from brown cows. Visitors can pick pumpkins, apples, cherries, and other produce; or they can navigate corn mazes. Attendees are adding hayrides, barnyard animal visits, and dairy treats from a local creamery to the top of their “fun-things-to-do” lists.

Many people travel to relive fond memories. In the case of agritourism, some visitors will choose a farm visit to rekindle memories of the simple, rural lifestyle they remember from childhood. Depending on the farm experience, guests may pay money for food, lodging, transportation, or souvenirs, but they are really buying a sentimental journey. These happy visitors will return, and they will tell their friends about their experience.

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