UWIN and Techstart

Thursday, August 08, 2019

It was noted in the June newsletter that early in June we quietly launched Techstart, the collaborative effort to create an easy path for business and industry to establish internships and apprenticeships with CVTC and WITC.  In addition to the two technical colleges, we teamed up with Visions Northwest, the regional economic development equivalent to Momentum West covering the northwest corner of the state making this a two-region program. 

Patterned after UWIN, the similar collaborative program with UW Eau Claire, UW Stout and UW River Falls, a simple portal has been created for business and industry to reach out to the schools with basic information about their organization and receive a reply back from the schools to discuss the potential placement of an intern or apprentice in their operation.  Not only are we providing additional learning opportunities for these students, but we are connecting them with potential future employers as well as assisting in tackling the shortage of workforce that exists.

UWIN has also seen some site adjustments.  We’ve reduced the amount of information required to submit an application to the three UW System schools, making it easier to fill out and submit an application even if you are still determining the specific of an internship.  The career services personnel at each of the schools will assist you as you explore the opportunity of bringing an intern on board.

The Techstart program can be accessed through either the Visions Northwest or Momentum West websites, as well as directly via www.UWTechstart.com or www.UWTechstart.org

UWIN can be accessed at www.uwinternshipnetwork.com

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