Careers, technology on display at Manufacturing Show

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The instruments began belting out the opening bars of the rock classic “Smoke on the Water,” but the musicians were nowhere to be found. A computer program was the conductor, and various mechanical devices strummed the guitar strings, tapped on the drums, played the keyboard and plucked at the base strings.

The automated rock band was one of the attractions at the annual Manufacturing Show March 1 at Chippewa Valley Technical College, and Melissa Rasmus of Chippewa Falls pointed out to her son, Sean, that this was a far more elaborate version of a toy they had at home. Should he choose to enroll in CVTC’s Automation Engineering Technology program, it’s a device Sean would be capable of building himself after just two years of study.

Showing people what is taking place in modern manufacturing and the opportunities available for careers in the field is the goal of the Manufacturing Show, which drew about 1,600 people to CVTC’s Manufacturing Education Center. Wonders of modern manufacturing were displayed and demonstrated in CVTC’s Automation Engineering Technology, Industrial Mechanic, Machine Tooling Technics and Welding/Welding Fabrication, as well as Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering programs.

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