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In the old home of Fiesta Loca at 131 Carmichael Road, a new Mexican restaurant is looking to bring authentic food to Hudson.

"We're continuing that history so to speak," owner Jorge Escobar said.

Headed by the team of Escobar, Alejandro Luna and Jorge Mora, Los Habaneros offers the classics one might expect and some authentic favorites as well.

"When you're back home, something that you have with the family," Escobar said.

This is not a new venture for Escobar and Luna, who have been in the restaurant industry for almost 20 years each. They ran Ellie's Cocina for several months before the bar closed.

"When it ended, we always had it in the back of our heads if the opportunity knocks at the door again, we'll do it," Escobar said. During their run at Ellie's, Escobar said they had a good base of regulars who enjoyed the food and supported them.

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