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Committee Updates - April 2017

Talent Attraction:  Sub-committee work continues on the eight initiatives. The current ideas being pursued focus on retaining young professional, enhanced internship programs, alumni recruitment from the areas higher education institutions, job sharing, just to name a few. Please reference the Momentum West website for details on the initiatives.  If you’d like to become involved let me know and we’ll get you connected with the initiative of your choice.  

Event/Forums:  In additional to the NWITA event w/Exportech and the Industrial Land Development seminar mentioned earlier in the newsletter, the team will be putting together a list of events through the end of calendar year 2018.  Once these are determined we’ll be presenting sponsorship opportunities for these events.  

Economic Development:  The group will be meeting in mid-April for a discussion on DNR regulatory items, the Family Friendly Workplace initiative and the Inspire software platform for career planning.

Business Attraction:  The committee continues to work on day trips across the St. Croix into Minnesota with the WEDC.  The team is also continuing to pursue a site selector visit/event for the region. We are also targeting Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison developers/brokers.

Fundraising:  This is the lifeblood to our sustainability and ability to drive our talent and business attraction and development efforts forward.  Please consider becoming a member of our organization via an investment of time or dollars.  For a full presentation on our programs, lease email or call me and I’d be happy to pay you a visit.



Economic Development Committee:

The Economic Development Committee is charged with providing management of economic development projects of Momentum West by engaging and leveraging the resources of regional stakeholders.

  • Oversee site certification program
  • Guide Tradeshow/Lead Management Committee
  • Provide structure for regional economic development communications and collaboration
  • Oversee the Momentum West efforts in the area of international trade
  • Assess efficacy of WEDC programs and how they can be best applied at the regional level

Talent Attraction Committee:

The Talent Attraction Committee is charged with:

  • Work collaboratively with external entities such as the educational institutions, Manufacturing Works, chambers of commerce and the ten county EDC’s and foster regional efforts to grow and improve the talents of the workforce.
  • Provide structure for regional talent attraction communications and collaboration
  • Assess efficacy of WEDC programs and how they can be best applied at the regional level

Marketing Committee:

The Marketing and Communications Committee is charged with developing a communications plan that will focus on both internal and external audiences to build brand identity for both the organization and region through the use of media relations, web based communications and social media platforms and advertising of all kinds.

  • Develop annual marketing and communications plan
  • Develop media relations plan and assist with development of story ideas and articles
  • Manage website content and layout
  • Manage the quarterly breakfast series forums
  • Collateral material content development
  • Manage Momentum West social media platforms
  • Coordinate Annual Meeting