Our Value Proposition

ellsworth creameryThe challenge facing any regional organization is delivering impactful programs that are relevant and fundable while at the same time support and work within the efforts of individual stakeholders.  This challenge is best met when stakeholders drive the regional organization through collaboration that leverages the time, talent and financial resources being invested into shared strategies that expand the outcomes for all.

As a regional economic development organization, Momentum West also is part of a rapidly changing economy that competes globally, transforms whole industries overnight and values talent and innovation as much as traditional economic development assets.

The strategies and tactics contained in this document are designed to allow Momentum West to most benefit the region through active engagement of local stakeholders and volunteers.  It encourages conversations which lead toward unified approaches while respecting the unique missions of the stakeholders.

More importantly it seeks to use that engagement to grow the economy of West Central Wisconsin and capitalize upon the many economic development assets of our region while remaining forward thinking and nimble enough to respond to the changing economic metrics.

The plan contained within is ambitious and therefore requires your time, talent and financial support.  By working together we can strengthen the individual partners while at the same time have a hand in creating a sustainable and innovative economy for our region’s citizens.