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Local Chiropractor Moves Home to Build a Practice Photo

Local Chiropractor Moves Home to Build a Practice

Dr. Tonya Prokop-Nette is a local chiropractor, practicing at Imperium Chiropractic in Ladysmith, WI. Growing up in Rusk County, she always knew that she wanted to come home after earning her education.  We wanted to know why she chose to start her career in the Momentum West region. Dr. Prokop-Nette said,  Rusk county is home for me.  I grew up in Sheldon, WI and my family is here. I feel that by practicing close to where I grew up, I can give back to the community that helped to shape who I am.  Contrary to many beliefs, there is a job market for almost every career in Rusk County. I can be just as successful as I would be anywhere else while keeping housing and lifestyle in mind. I can’t imagine living anywhere else permanently.  My family and my hobbies are here. We live in an awesome area with activities that most people only get to enjoy on weekends. Our community is close-knit and we really know how to pull together.“

We wanted to learn more about what life is like as a chiropractor in a rural community and why Dr. Prokop-Nette chose to become a chiropractor in the first place. Her answers make it clear that she is passionate about helping people and about this community.

What inspired you to become a chiropractor?  

Chiropractic care made a difference in my dad’s life.  He works hard; he is a retired constructor/brick mason and it has kept him functioning since I can remember.  Jokingly, he also told me that I either work with him in concrete or go to college for something.

How has being located here benefited your career?  

Being from the area originally is a benefit and I would say that it has helped my credibility and allowed me to earn trust quicker.

Please describe your chiropractic business.   

I am an associate at Imperium Chiropractic in Ladysmith, WI.  Imperium Chiropractic is owned by Dr. Tom Tozer and his wife, Robyn.  We also have an Eau Claire location. We serve our patients respectively with the highest level of individual and collective care possible.

Tell us why you are passionate about chiropractic care.  

I am passionate about chiropractic care because I know it makes a difference.  Through chiropractic care, I have the ability to change lives. Chiropractic is designed to ‘build the body’, not tear it down.  Chiropractic care does not put anything in to your body or take anything out; it heals what you already have.

What are your future goals?    

My short-term goal is to continue to grow my practice by assisting as many patients as I can with reaching their goals-whether it be to decrease their pain, reach a sporting goal, or improve their ability to do a particular activity at home.  As for a long-term goal, I plan on owning my own practice.

Is there anything the community can do to support you and to help you achieve your goals?    

I would like to thank the community for their past and continued support.  Their trust and willingness to pursue chiropractic care is an immense help.

What do you want everyone to know about you or Imperium Chiropractic office after reading the article?   

In our clinic, we strive to work together to treat you as the ‘whole individual’ that you are.  Every one of our patients has unique needs and we meet those to the best of our ability. No one is EVER excluded from chiropractic care.  If you have a spine, you are treatable. We have a website that we have been working hard on to show people who we are, what we do, and what we believe in.  Go ahead and check it out!

There Are Opportunities in the Momentum West Region for Medical Professionals Like Dr. Prokop-Nette

The Momentum West region is ripe for growth. There is a need for additional medical professionals to join our community both today and in the future. To learn more about current opportunities, contact us. We can provide information, discuss various incentives, and make key introductions.

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