Goals and initiatives

Momentum West will develop comprehensive programs to market the site certification initiative, the new website, and develop new collateral for branding, recruitment and fundraising.These need to be in harmony with the area EDC’s and the WEDC.

The talent attraction committee will work in conjunction with area industry, chambers of commerce, the area EDC’s and the educational institutions to identify needs and implement programs to fill these needs in regard to the skills gap and talent attraction and development.

We will work with the WEDC on relevant quarterly forums and coordinated regional initiatives.  Tie these in with the Exportech program located locally at Stout.

Momentum West will establish a regional trade association and work within the region to foster foreign direct investment via education and promotion of the WEDC’s trade programs and initiatives.

Working with the WEDC and area EDC’s, we will act as an outreach vehicle and foster the collaboration necessary to drive business development in the region. This includes participating in, capitalizing on and monitoring the value of our core tradeshows and call trips as well as regional initiatives designed to address challenges of the region or specific market sectors.

We will develop a concise, well thought out intentional message both internally and externally.  It will be balanced, structured, and consistent within our capacity.

Momentum West will advocate on issues relevant to our region such as broadband, workforce development, engineering programs etc.We will develop public policy guidelines.

Work with local media for increased exposure. Develop a protocol for the writing and dissemination of press releases.